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Community leadership opportunities available at the local level to help facilitate hands on leadership skills.



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Our Mission



At Lions Key International we are more than scholars. We are forerunners. We see leadership as an instrument to drive the interpersonal qualities of any association. We believe in the ability of exceptional individuals gaining the aid of others in achieving common and meaningful goals. We enjoy acquiring the skills to recognize a collective purpose, exercise important self-values, and create integrated relationships. We are not only intellectuals; we are inspirers.



LKI believes that service is an important opportunity for leaders to significantly impact our community. It builds prominent leadership characteristics such as understanding, mindfulness and integrity. Service additionally increases fundamental leadership skills such as delegation, organization and effective communication.



Lions Key International believes that with diverse and knowledgeable points of view, unity is power. Together, as leaders we create an undivided network working towards a collective innovative end. Here at LKI, we believe leaders make daily effective impacts in the world around us. We see unity as strength; it is where leaders use teamwork and collaboration to solve problems and reach collective achievements.

About Us

Lion's Key International Leadership Society is an exclusive leadership organization that focuses on enabling students to reach their leadership potential and achieve their goals towards success.

The vision began with creating a community where like-minded, and success-oriented, individuals could come together to learn and support one another. Inspired by the passion of helping people believe in the unrealized potential that lies within us all, the Lion's Key International Leadership Society was born.

The continued success of the Society has grown into a international network of achievers. Since its founding, the society is proving that with the proper support and dedicated action, no goal is out of reach. The resources, benefits, scholarships, trainings, and seminars are building its members' notoriety and broadening their national networks with other highly motivated individuals who are on the fast-track to success.

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Our Mission

Elevated by the Societies founding pillars of Leadership, Service, and Unity, Lion's Key International Leadership Society is an exclusive society that fosters leadership development and enables individuals to achieve their goals toward success.



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